Xpress Teller Who are You Serving?

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Who are you serving today?


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Access this screen by entering an account or selecting an account on the Xpress Teller Search screen.  This also appears after entering a code word on the Xpress Teller Code Word screen.

Helpful Resources

Overview: Xpress Teller

Screen Overview

Listed on this screen are the primary member (first on the list) and any other secondary owners, such as joint owners or co-borrowers. (Beneficiaries and Misc. Owners do not appear on this screen.)

Select the person in front of you and use Verify My ID to move to the Xpress Teller Verify ID screen.  

Or (if allowed) select a name and Funds in to advance to the Xpress Teller Funds In screen or Deposits/Withdrawals to advance to the Xpress Teller Deposits/Withdrawals screen.  (Whether these shows if Allow bypass of ID verification screen is selected in the Xpress Teller Workflow Controls.)

Select Procedures to view procedures that are configured for the membership designation of the primary member.

Who appears on this screen?

Where can you find the name of the person assisted?


Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#TSBSERVI-01.htm