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Configure Membership Designations


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #523: Member Designation Configuration.

This is the first of two screens used to configure Membership Designation codes that can be attached to membership (MASTER) and closed membership (MSHIST) records. Membership Designations provide a better way to organize your memberships and label them in a way that helps your staff service these memberships correctly. These codes let you label a membership beyond the traditional categorization of “individual” and “organization,” and label the relationships using precise terms beyond “member” and “joint owner.”   

  • For example, a Membership Designation might be used to categorize your indirect lending members separately from other members at your credit union.  

To add a new code, use Add (F6). Or select an existing code in the list and click Change.

Recording Membership Designation Procedures

In addition to CU-defined labels for the member, joint owner, misc. owner and  DBA designations (such as “Trust Name” and “Trustee” instead of “Primary” and “Joint”), Membership Designations can be set up with Procedure Tips to assist MSRs with setting up the membership or working with existing members. Remember that you will be able to pull in paragraphs from the master Talking Points library so you don't have to write everything yourself!  Click here for more information on Talking Points.

Procedures can be set up on the next screen when you create or modify a code, or by selecting an existing code in the list on this screen and using Procedures.

Printing and Viewing DBA Labels

You can choose to have a DBA Label appear instead of the member’s or organization’s name on various screens in CU*BASE and also on printed materials. Simply check the “Print DBA name on correspondence” checkbox on the Membership Designation configuration detail screen when adding a new designation or changing an existing one. See the Membership Designation detail screen for a list of printed documents affected.

Removing a Code

If you need to delete an existing membership designation code, the system will allow you to move any existing memberships that use that code over to another code of your choice. Select a code and then Delete to move to this screen.

Restricting a Member from Opening an Account Based on Membership Designation

Do you have membership types that you want to restrict from opening certain types of accounts?  This screen allows you to add these restrictions by membership designation.  This is done in the Dividend Application.  Learn more here.  

  • For example, you can use this new feature to restrict business accounts from opening accounts meant for individual members, such as IRAs.  

The Select button that allows you to indicate which membership designations you wish to restrict from opening that particular product.  Then if a member service representative attempts to open the account, they will be stopped with the message, “This account type is not allowed for this membership designation.”

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