Restricted Membership Designations

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Restricted Membership Designations


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Access this screen by selecting Restrict Mbr Desgn on the Share Product Dividend Configuration screen.

Do you have membership types that you want to restrict from opening certain types of accounts?  This screen allows you to add these restrictions by Membership Designation.  Then if a member service representative attempts to open the account, they will be stopped with the message, “This account type is not allowed for this membership designation.”

  • For example, you can use this new feature to restrict business accounts from opening accounts meant for individual members, such as IRAs.  

Using this Screen

The Select button allows you to indicate which membership designation(s) you wish to restrict from opening the selected product.  Be sure you save the changes on the main Dividend Application configuration screen by selecting "Save."

This Feature is Not Currently Available tor Accounts for Purchase in Online Banking (Must be Information Only)

Do you see the message, "Dividend Application already selected for Online Banking"? (Read the description below.)  Accounts offered for sale online cannot be used with this feature.  You will need to change the dividend application to be set up as "For Information only" in order to use this feature.  

One limitation of this feature is that you cannot use it for any products that are available to be opened online via your It’s Me 247 rate board.  You can use it if the product is set up as “info only” on the rate board, however, so you may need to adjust your online banking product settings first (use Tool #506 Share Rate Maintenance, then Online Banking.  To offer accounts online, you will need to have a number in the PC column.)