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New Account Creation


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This screen appears when Add New Sub-Account is used on the Membership Services screen, as well as during the process of opening a new membership, if configured in your credit union's Workflow Controls.

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Helpful Resources

The Risk Assessment button (F14) will appear if your credit union has been configured to use the QualiFile Risk Assessment interface. See the flyer CU*BASE and Risk Assessment Tools: QualiFile by ChexSystems, Inc. for more information.

Screen Overview

This screen is a sort of “gateway” or starting point for opening any type of sub-account for a member, including savings, checking, certificates, loans, ATM or debit cards, etc.

Use the fields on this screen to open savings and checking accounts (see below for instructions), or use the buttons in the upper-right corner of the screen to proceed to appropriate screens used for opening other types of accounts:



ATM/Debit Card Maint (note that this screen will first launch the BIN selection screen for ATM/Debit cards, after selecting a BIN, you will then be able to open a debit card for the member. It is recommended to first open the associated checking accounts before using this button to launch the ATM/Debit card maintenance/order screen. The screen to begin opening a checking account will also offer the option to launch the ATM/Debit card ordering process!)

To work with the status of Cross Selling Tasks for this member, click the Cross Sales (F5). To maintain existing OTB accounts or batch ATM and Debit Cards use OTB/Cards (F17).

Opening a Savings or Checking Account

To open a savings or checking account from this screen, simply enter the Dividend Application code (or select the product from the list at the bottom of the screen), choose a Reason code (click the lookup button images\lookupbutton_shg.gif to see a list of your credit union's configured codes), then use Enter or Select to proceed to the next screen for savings accounts or the next screen for checking accounts.

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To view credit union-defined procedures and steps for opening an account, select the product in the list and choose Procedures (or F21).

To view credit union-defined marketing tips and sales aids to assist with selling this account to a member, select the product in the list and use Marketing Tips (or F22).

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