Tips on Setting up Online Banking Products

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The following tips explain the sequence of steps for using the PC column on the Certificate Rate Maintenance screen to set up the online banking Rate Boards for  certificate products.

If you want to do this

Follow these steps

Start from scratch (create new products)

1.   Use the PC column to enter sequential numbers (01 to 50) for up to 50 different products. Do not use the same sequence number more than once. Always enter an unused sequence number when adding a new product to the list.

2.    Select the sub account and then Online Banking to set up the parameters and sales information/instructions for each product. This screen will appear for each of the new sequence numbers entered.

3.   When parameters have been set up for all sequences and you are returned to this list, use Enter one last time to save all changes on this screen and then use F7-Cancel to exit.

CU*TIP: It pays to plan ahead! Because it can be tricky to re-sequence items after they have been entered, we recommend you set up your “standard” products using the lower sequence numbers, and then skip a few numbers between these and any “specialty” products that are more likely to change or be deleted.

  • NOTE:  A sub account cannot be offered online for purchase if certain membership designation types are restricted from opening it. It must be offered for Info only  Learn more here.

Modify defaults or sales information for an existing product

1.   Click to select that line in the list (it should be highlighted).

2.   Click the Online Banking option to open a screen where you can adjust the online settings. Be sure to use Enter while there to save changes before using Cancel (F7) to return to this screen.

  • NOTE:  A sub account cannot be offered online for purchase if certain membership designation types are restricted from opening it. It must be offered for Info only  Learn more here.

Delete a product from the online banking rate board

1.   Change the PC sequence number to 00 or blank.

2.   Use Enter to save then Cancel (F7) to exit this screen. (This will have no affect on the actual savings product in CU*BASE; it simply keeps the product from appearing in the online banking rate board.)

CU*TIP: Remember that this will also delete any sales information configured for these products. You may want to access the sales information screen and print a copy of the text for future reference before deleting the product.

Re-sequence some existing products


Because the PC sequence number is the key code that identifies both the product defaults and the sales information, it is not possible to re-sequence two existing products that have already been configured.

For example, if you’ve configured Special Certificates as sequence 01 and VIP Certificates as sequence 02, you cannot re-sequence to make VIP 01 and Special 02. You would need to delete at least one of the products (remember to print any sales information first) and then use the steps below to change the remaining product.

If you are adding a new product, you can use the number from an existing product as long as you also change that existing product to use a new, unused number. For example, say you already have three products configured: Special Certificates as 01, VIP Certificates as 02, and Ultra Certificates as 03. You can assign 03 to your new product, as long as you also change the existing Ultra Certificates sequence number from 03 to 04 at the same time.

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