Time Card Processing: Overview

CU*BASE Time Card Processing is a simple way to do electronic time cards, with reporting tools for supervisors and HR managers. Credit unions can configure codes that can be used to log an employee's working time based on desired categories, making it easy to track an employee's working time and non-working time such as vacations, personal and sick time, and the like.

The system is flexible to allow for an employee to log his or her starting and ending time and lunch period at any time during the day, to help accommodate things like early-morning staff meetings (and computers that are slow to boot in the morning!).

Time Card System Features

The Time Card Entry screen allows an employee to enter his or her starting and ending times, at any point during the day, for any day this week, last week, or for the coming two weeks (such as to log next week’s vacation). „

Employees can now log the time they left for lunch as well as the time they return from lunch, and the system will automatically calculate the total time worked, minus lunch. The new fields will be displayed on both the detail and summary timecard reports. „

If an employee leaves the office for a period during the day, such as for a dentist appointment, this can be logged as a “misc. absence” and will automatically be subtracted from the calculated time worked. „

“Time worked” categories are now separate from other categories used to record non-working hours such as vacations, sick leave, etc. When start, end and lunch times are entered, the system will calculate total time worked and verify that against the time allocated into the working hours categories only. For example, say an employee works the morning and leaves early at noon. He could enter his actual end time as 12:00 and then enter 4 regular working hours and 4 hours of sick or personal time.

The timecard supervisor maintenance feature will still be available for supervisors to adjust employee timecard data.  


This timecard system is not intended to be a factory-type “punch card” system with a time clock that logs an employee's comings and goings precisely. It was intended simply as a way to record electronically the information that is normally jotted down on a paper timecard.

However, whenever an employee keys in his or her starting and ending time and lunch period, the system will also record the actual date (month and day) and time when that data was entered. On the supervisor maintenance screen this “audit” date and time will be displayed next to the times entered by the employee, to help give supervisors a more complete picture should there be any questions about a particular employee's actions.

Time card data is stored in a file called TCARD, and will be retained for a 12 month (rolling) period.



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#TimecardOverview.htm