Archive an Employee ID

These steps explain how to archive an employee ID for employees that quits or is terminated.

    • For a teller ID, wait to do this until at least one day after the employee leaves so that end-of-day teller processing will work properly for any activity posted that day.

    • Remember that any reports or screens that show employee ID (attached to a transaction, assigned to an account, loan officer IDs, etc.) will no longer be able to the name for that ID.

    1. Launch Tool # 327 CU*BASE Employee Security

    2. Click to select the employee from the list on the Employee Security Maintenance screen.

      • TIP: Use the Jump to ID field to quickly locate the employee.

    3. Click the Del/Archive/Lock option.

    4. On the Delete/Archive/Lock Employee Profile window, select Archive profile with all settings from the Action field.

    5. In the If archiving, specify employee end date field, use the calendar to select the employee’s last working day.

    6. Click the Process button.

    7. Click the Add/Update button.

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