Change Report Automation Setting

These steps explain how to change an automation setting for a standard report (as opposed to a custom report).

  • Note: You can only change settings that you have created. Those created by another employee can only be edited by that employee.

  1. Launch Tool #759 Report Automation - Standard Reports.

  2. Select the report whose settings you'd like to change on the Report Automation: Standard Reports screen.

  3. Click the Retrieve report settings option below the table.

  4. Make the desired changes on the screen that lists options for the selected report.

  5. Click Save Settings.

  6. Make the desired changes to the report run settings (frequency, period, etc.) on the Save Settings for Report Automation screen.

  7. In the Action column, select Add/Edit in the row corresponding to the setting you changed.

    • This will save the modified setting.

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