Edit Query Options

These steps explain how to edit Query options.

  • If you ever add a file to or remove a file from a Query that you have automated, be sure to update the Query automation setting.

  • The term "file" can also be referred to as "table" in the context of Queries. For details, refer to the online course CMS 100 - Report Builder: Canned Query.


1. Launch tool #100: CU*BASE Report Builder (Query).

2. In the Option drop-down menu, select 2=Change.

3. In the Name field, enter your report name.

4. In the Location field, enter the location of the Query you'd like to edit (QUERYXX, CUBASEQ, etc.).

5. Click the forward arrow.

6. From the Report Builder - Main Menu screen, make the needed changes.

7. When finished making changes, click the back arrow to save and run your Query.

8. From the Exit this Query window, click Preview Report to view your Query results.

9. Click the forward arrow to return to the Exit this Query window.

10. Click the forward arrow again to exit.

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