Maintaining Subsidiary Transaction History

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Subsidiary Transaction History


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This screen will appear when you select a Subsidiary item on the Work/View Subsidiaries and History.

This screen is used to view or maintain the expense history for this subsidiary item.

If you need to make an error correction on one of the transactions shown, select the item and use Edit.  The View option allows you to see a view only version of this screen.

When done viewing this information, use Backup (F3) to return to the previous screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name



The month and year during which the transaction occurred. This is taken from the Effective Date entered when the monthly subsidiary work file was generated.

Adjustment amount

The amount of any adjustment made during this transaction.

Monthly Expense Amount

This informational field shows the monthly expense set up for this item.

Depreciation to Date

(For Fixed Asset items only.) This field shows a running balance of the depreciation expense recorded to date for this fixed asset item.

Amortization to Date

(For Prepaid Expense items only.) This field shows a running balance of the amortization expense recorded to date for this item.

Net Book Value

(For Fixed Asset and Prepaid Expense items only.) The system calculates this running total using the following formula:

Original Cost + Adjustment Amount - Depreciation or Amortization to Date = Net Book Value



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