Analyzing Transactions by Branch and Origin Code

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Transaction Activity by Branch



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Access this screen by selecting Tool 865: Transaction Activity by Branch.

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What is the total number of transactions performed by members at each branch? This tool can help answer that question and then also allow you to look at specific transaction origins.  Using the fields at the top of the screen, you can choose exactly which origin codes you want to analyze. Enter up to 5 different origin codes (use the lists at the bottom as a guide) and press Enter to refresh the list. Only transactions with these origin codes will be counted and displayed on the summary and graph. Clear all fields and press Enter to display all transactions again. Transactions will be separated by branch, showing a percentage breakdown to show which branch handles the bulk of that kind of traffic.

The origin codes listed at the bottom of the screen are configured by clicking the Transaction Cost/Weigh Factors button on the Transaction Management and Analysis screen.

All activity is as of the month and year selected at the top of the screen. Data is pulled from the TRANSx or HTRANSx files for all account types and grouped by the branch location from the transaction record (Note that this is specifically the TELLER branch recorded on the transaction record, not the member branch). This does not include non-member and shared branching transactions; if you would like to see Other CU Member transactions, use Tool #977: Where Your Members Branch.

Field Descriptions

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Select a month and year’s data to view

Include ALL or select origins

Select delivery channels listed at the bottom of the screen to view.


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