Contingent Liability Trend Summary

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Contingent Liability Trend Summary


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #281: Contingent Liability Trends Dashboard.

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This dashboard includes VAT (Visual Analytic Tools) that allow you to show the data on this screen in a more meaningful way using a chart or graph.  These charts and graphs are available in the PDF export feature. View the VAT by clicking on the tabs.

This online dashboard inquiry for contingent liability is a trending tool for expanding opportunities and tracking loan disbursement progress.  The inquiry quickly shows how the contingent balances are flowing from one month to the next.  With this tool you can quickly identify the areas where members are not utilizing their credit limits, and help teams formulate plans to get active on loan disbursements.  If your team has made getting loan balances up as one of your ongoing goals, this inquiry will track your progress when it comes to line of credit lending.

The data on the screen includes line of credit loans (Process Type L) and open-end loans (Process Type V) in MEMBER5, LOCs (Process Type L) in MEMBER6, as well as checking accounts with a negative balance limit.

This report is an online summary version of the printed contingent liability analysis report.

Use the lookup images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif next to each month to view a summary of the data for that particular month.

Use Selection Criteria (F11) to select a specific Corp ID or to select to view data over specific range of dates. If a date range is selected, you can also select to view to compare the data for a specific month over a range of years or to view the data by quarter.

Use the Data Source (F15) button to view the tables and columns used to generate the information in this dashboard.

Use Export Full List (F4) to export the dashboard information to your credit union's QUERYxx library.

The loans included in the data includes line of credit loans (Process Type L) and online credit loans (Process Type V) in MEMBER6, loans with open-end loans (Process Type O) in MEMBER5, as well as checking accounts with a negative balance limit from MEMBER2, and Construction Loans (Process Type C). If your credit union does not offer one of these types of loans, then this data will not be included.  NOTE:  Credit card loans (Process Type V) that with review dates that are before the end of the month selected are not utilized in the calculation of this dashboard (since they no longer can have withdrawals on them, meaning there is no contingent liability).

As for documentation on the columns on this screen:

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Description of Columns



Total # of Accounts

This number of account whose data is included in these figures.

Total Amount Limit

For open end loans this is the amount that the member can still can be disbursed. For closed end loans this is the amount that has been disbursed. For checking accounts with a negative balance limit, this is the negative balance limit.

Total Amount Current Balance

This includes the amount the current balance of the accounts. An account with a negative balance (for example with a negative balance limit) can bring down this amount. This is the totals of the CURBAL field.

Total Amount Contingent

This amount is the your total contingent liability. The Total Amount Limit minus the Total Amount Current Balance equal the Total Amount Contingent.

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