Collections Summary

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Collections Summary



EOD or BOD depending on Collections Processing

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Access this screen by selecting Tool #229: Collections Dashboard Summary.

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Dashboard Tips – Questions to Ask When Comparing a Dashboard with Another Dashboard or Report

This screen shows you a complete collections dashboard, displaying your delinquency pipeline. View loans that are one day, one week or one month delinquent with additional columns showing loans that have been delinquent for a longer time, with breakdowns according to the NCUA time-frame. This screen is a one-stop-shop, no printing of reports or creation of special Queries needed. Simply select a date range and the data is available for you. Refer to the last two columns to view data on all your delinquent accounts (Total All) or the reportable items (Total Reportable).

Use this tool to manage your delinquent loans and lessen their numbers. Work with this screen to monitor how your portfolio is at certain times of the month to see if progress has been made to pay down your delinquent loan portfolio. By sorting by Collector, view the progress of your collections staff.

The strength of this screen lies in the fact that you can not only view the delinquent figures, but that you can also sort the data by several sort options. Sort by category to view the performance of your different loan categories, for example, to monitor your credit card or real estate portfolio. Sort by Collector to evaluate the performance of your collector or group of collection officers. Sort by dealer to manage your outside dealers and determine if additional management is needed. Whatever you sort by, the filter will be listed in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

View the data broken down by Delinquent loans, Negative Balance accounts, Overline accounts, and Written off loans. The screen defaults to show the figures for Yesterday, Last Week and Last Month. Use the columns on the dashboard to view loans that have been delinquent longer than a month, broken down by the NCUA periods.  

Analytics Booth: Power Line and Web Version

Launching the Web Version (F22) dashboard will provide additional tools to subscribers to analyze data that can only be found in Analytics Booth, including more screen real estate to view more data at one time, different filters and graphics, and new ways to understand the data. Non-subscribers will be presented with a splash page.

Use the Power Line (F23) button to launch an immediate trend line graph in Analytics Booth to help you better understand your data.

Not a subscriber? Learn more in the CU*Answers Store.

Check out this video: Analytics Booth at a Glance (Board Members: More Analytics Booth Videos Below!)




Clear Filter (F2)

Use this function to clear any filters you may have set.

Category (F8)

Select from a list of configured loan categories to filter for only data related to that specific category.

Collector (F10)  

Select from a list of configured Collector IDs to filter for only loans assigned to that specific Collector ID.

Dealer (F11)

Select from a list of configured Dealer IDs to filter for only loans assigned to that specific Dealer.

Memo Summary (F13)

Use this option to review the performance of your portfolio.

Export (F14)

Export this information to a file for use with Report Builder.

Business unit (F15)

Select from a list of business units for loans only assigned to that specific business unit.

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