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View All Accounts to Which this Member Has Access



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This window appears when you click the "My Other Accounts" button on the Inquiry or Phone Operator screens.

Are you assisting a member who wants you to withdraw funds from another account?  Now it’s very easy to find that second account.  

This screen listing all accounts where this member is a primary owner, joint owner, or co-borrower. Basically, this screen lists the accounts where the member has access to the funds in the account. The relationship is shown in the Relationship column.  (If this column is blank, the member has the same relationship as that of the previous line.)

To access the member’s second account, just select it from the list and use “Jump to this membership” to move directly to this second account.

Use Nickname (F21) to view any nicknames the member may have assigned these accounts.

Use Show/Hide Card # (F22) to view the credit card number in the Description column.



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