Configuring Insider/Employee Type Codes (1)

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Enter/Update Member Employee Type Codes / Desc.


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #517: Member/Employee (Insider) Type Config.

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Learn how to configure AIRES insider codes.

Insider/Employee Type Codes Step by Step

Processes Affected by Employee Type Code Settings

Screen Overview

This is the first of two screens used to configure codes that can be used to mark certain memberships as insiders—accounts that belong to your employees, Board members or other volunteers, relatives of credit union employees, etc.

In many cases, these memberships require special attention and may even need to be restricted from some types of activity except by certain authorized personnel. For example, credit union policy usually states that an employee cannot post transactions to his or her own account or that of a close relative (spouse, child, etc.), and that only certain supervisors are allowed inquiry access into all employee accounts.

To simplify this, CU*BASE lets you configure a set of member Insider/Employee Type codes, then attach those codes to these special memberships. The code defines what access will be granted to ALL employees who attempt to work with those accounts.

NOTE: In order for the Member Inquiry and Phone systems to restrict an employee from these special accounts according to your wishes, it is necessary to require that an employee ID and password be entered every time those systems are used. Contact a client service representative to activate this feature.

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