New - Closed Account Analysis (Account Analysis 2)

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Open-Closed Membership Analysis


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Access this screen by selecting "Account Analysis 2" on the Index or by using Enter on the previous dashboard screen.

This screen includes XL panel sizing! Extra large panel sizes are presentation size CU*BASE screens. When using the Analysis on select dashboards, you can choose to display them in either standard (1024x768) or extra-large (1920x1080) size.
To select a size, use the selector in the lower right corner of the screen to simply click and select either standard or extra large. Learn More About What VAT Can Do


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Dashboard Tips – Questions to Ask When Comparing a Dashboard with Another Dashboard or Report

View statistics on the following items (Includes count and percent):

·     Participation (user versus non-user) of many self services products including

Use Index (F12) to return to the Index selection screen. Press Enter to move to the next Analysis Dashboard.

NOTE: The Records Analyzed figures in the upper right corner indicate the number of accounts that fit the criteria entered in the selection screen, as well as the memberships to which they belong..  


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