Work with Packages

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Work with Packages



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Access this screen by selecting Select Existing Package (F6) on the Entry Package Criteria Selection screen.

View a listing of the packages that have been created at your credit union, with summary details such as package value, date created, and number of loans in the package.

There is an option to search for a specific loan account in a package.  The Loan Packages window will display to show the packages in which the loan resides.

An asterisk next to the Package Value indicates that investor balances are included in the Package Value.





Select to return to the initial Package Loans to be Sold Screen to view the criteria used to create the package.  Enter again to view the loan detail on the Package Loans to be Sold screen. If you are selecting an existing package, this will display the selections of that package.


Select to delete the package, a delete confirmation window will display.


Select to combine two or more packages (use Ctrl-Click to select multiple packages).  A window will display asking you to name the new package.  


Select to add comments to a package.

Show Investor Balances

Select to pick an investor whose balances will then be added to the Package Value.  To remove the investor balances from the Package Value, use Reset Investor Balances (F9).


Select to view a summary of the loan package.


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