Uncollected Funds Inquiry

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Uncollected Funds Inquiry


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This screen appears when you use Uncollected on any Account Detail (Share or Checking) screen or Uncollected Funds on the Transaction History screen.

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to view uncollected funds/check holds and complete other tasks related to check holds.

Screen Overview

This screen lists funds which are currently unavailable in this account as a result of holds placed on deposited checks, and the scheduled release date for the funds. Once the funds are released and become available to the member, this screen will be blank. This includes checks deposited with RDC-IQ.

Check out the video about remote check deposits.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Employee ID

The employee number which specified the hold.

Process Date

The date on which the check was deposited.

Amount Held

The total amount of the check being held.

Calendar Days Held

The number of calendar days the funds are being held.

Release Date

The date on which the funds will be released.

Reg CC Hold Released

Indicates whether or not the first $225 of the check has been released per Reg CC guidelines. These funds are released and made available the next morning after the initial deposit is made.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#IUNCOL-01.htm