Printing Member Envelopes

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Print Name/Address on Envelope


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #662: Print Member Envelopes (Shortcut: printe) or by clicking the images\envelopeprintbutton_shg.gif on the Inquiry or Phone Operator screens.

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to print addresses on envelopes for mass mailings.

Screen Overview

Use this screen to print a member's name and address on an envelope. This feature is useful for mailing receipts or advertising information to one member or several members. Both dot matrix and laser printers can be used; the method for feeding in the envelope will depend on the type of printer you have. For a laser printer, the most common method is to feed a single envelope through the manual feed tray of the printer.

Use the Account number fields to enter a range of account numbers (use just the From field if you only need one envelope). Use the asterisk to select from the previous ten accounts you have selected.

If it has been configured in the membership designation the DBA label will appear above the address instead of the member’s or organization’s name.

Choose whether or not you would like your credit union's return address printed in the upper left corner of the envelope (the address will come from your credit union's Master configuration).

When ready, use Enter to print the envelope. The screen will refresh so that you can enter another account number; use the up arrow (F7) when done. All envelopes will begin printing once you have exited the screen.


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