Fee Waiver Information Report

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Fee Waiver Information Report



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #371: Fee Waiver Information Report

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Do you ever wonder how much fee income you miss out on each month due to fees being manually waived at the teller line? Have you ever wanted to analyze the effect of your Tiered Service or Marketing Club fee waivers on your monthly fee income? What would the impact on your fee income be if you adjusted the number of items allowed free or increased the aggregate savings balance waiver?

The CU*BASE Fee Waiver Information file automatically records every time any type of fee or service charge is waived, for any reason. The file contains details about the member account and fee amount being waived, as well as a code and description showing the reason for the waiver, such as “Member exceeds maximum” or “Member has excluded plastic type” or “Member has marketing clubs present,” etc.

Uncheck the Manual waivers report only” checkbox to list all fees waived, including those waived by automated processes such as Tiered Service Level rewards, Marketing Club rewards, and various configured age and aggregate balance waivers for each individual fee configuration. This option is helpful when you are researching the potential effect that modifying a configuration setting might have on your overall fee activity. If you wish to monitor the activity of your employees, set the Manual waivers report only field to Yes to see a list of fees that were waived or modified manually by a credit union employee at the time of the member transaction.

Two report formats are also available: The Detail report shows all of the individual fee transactions that were waived or modified. This might be helpful if you are also showing only manual waivers, to evaluate these transactions more closely. The Summary report shows total fees waived by fee type.

SEE ALSO: Hierarchy for Fee Waivers and Share Draft Exception Handling: Status Codes.

Report Sample: Detail

Each fee type will be on a separate page. Transactions will be grouped by the reason for the waiver.


Report Sample: Summary

This report format shows the total amount of fee income that was not realized because of configured or manual fee waivers.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#LFWRPT-01.htm