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Member Trial Balance Selection



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #487: Mbr Trial Balance Listing - Select Info.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to create, change, and delete report automation settings.

Screen Overview

This is the first of several screens used to produce the Member Trail Balance Listing Report - using your credit union’s member data. This screen allows you to choose which members should be included to create either a printed report or a file containing the report results for use with Report Builder.

This application has special features that let you eliminate duplicates by member address or household number.

On this screen, you may narrow down the list of members by specifying ranges for various settings, such as ZIP codes or branch number. You may also choose to select just a single, product type, city, or state.

Make any selections desired and use Enter to proceed. If an Application type was specified, you will proceed to the Sub-Application Selection screen. If not, you will proceed directly to the Account Attribute Selection screen.


How Do I Save/Retrieve My Report Settings?

For more details on setting up this feature, refer to the Automating Reports and Queries booklet, available on the CU*BASE Reference page. 

This report can be used with the “Report Scheduler,” a time-saving automation feature that allows you to select and save the filters you use to run several commonly used reports and then set these reports to be run automatically by our operations staff on the first of the month.  Or you can save the settings and run them manually by yourself at any time.

To save your report settings, first select your filters, including printer (can be a physical printer or the HOLDxx or MONTHxx OUTQs) on any of the selection screens for this report.  Then select Save Settings (F24) on the final selection screen of this report.  On the next screen name your settings (we recommend adding your name!), and designate whether you wish to run this manually or if you wish for operations to run the report.  At a later time, use Retrieve Settings (F23) to populate the screen with the settings you have saved.  You can also edit your settings using Retrieve Settings (F23). All saved settings can be viewed on the Report Automation: Standard Reports screen.    

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Account base

To include a single account or a numeric range of account numbers.

Account type

To include only members who have sub-accounts within a certain range of account suffixes.


To include only members assigned to a certain branch number (member branch).

Zip code

To include only members with a certain ZIP code or range of Zip codes.

User Defined Field #1

To include only members coded with a certain code or range of codes in the Mail code 1 field (MLCD1) on the MASTER record.

SEE ALSO: User Defined Fields Codes

User Defined Field #2

To include only members coded with a certain code or range of codes in the Mail code 2 field (MLCD2) on the MASTER record.

G/L account

To include only members who have accounts tied to a particular G/L account (member G/L) or range of accounts.

  •  This relates to the G/L for the MEMBERx account suffix, such as 906.00 for IRAs.


To include only members that have a certain code (or range of codes) in the Dept/Sponsor field on the MASTER record.

Employee type

To include only members that have a certain code or range of codes in the Employee Type (EMTYPE) field on the MASTER record.

Application type

To include only members with a certain type of account, enter an Application Type code here. (This is required if you plan to use criteria on subsequent screens that looks at MEMBERx account data.)

Click here for a list of valid codes.

  • If an application type is entered here, the next screen to appear will be the sub-account selection screen, where you can choose a single dividend application, certificate type, or loan category, depending on the code entered here.


To include only members with a certain city name on the MASTER record.

  • The city name needs to be spelled EXACTLY as it appears on the membership record, and cannot be abbreviated. (For example, if you want to locate GRAND RAPIDS, you cannot enter just GRAND.)


To include only members in a certain state (from the MASTER record).

Mbr Designation Code

To include specific Membership Designation Codes. SEE: Member Designation Configuration. Click the Select button to view a list of codes. Check the appropriate code or hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple codes. Then use the Select option to return to the initial screen which will then list the number of codes selected.



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