Printing a Member Transaction History Report

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Access this screen by selecting Tool #665: Print Member Transaction History (Shortcut: list).

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to print transaction history reports and complete other tasks using Phone Operator action codes.

Screen Overview

Use this screen to obtain a printout of all the transactions that have posted to a particular account. You can request several accounts to print at the same time. Enter the data for the first account and use Enter to refresh the screen. The system prints the transaction history for each account selected when you the up arrow (F7).

Enter an account or use the images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to view the ten most recent accounts that you accessed.

The automatic service charge posting fields are an optional service your credit union may or may not use. Contact a CU*BASE representative for information about this feature. Also, any fees that are manually waived will be included on the Fee Waiver Information Report (Tool #371).


Field Descriptions

Field Name



The number of copies to be printed.


The printer ID where the report should print.

Account #

The member account number and suffix.

Starting business date

The first business date for transactions to be printed. This will appear at the top of the printed report.  What is Business Date?

Ending business date

The last business date for transactions to be printed. This will appear at the top of the printed report.  What is Business Date?

Report format

Use “N” for a normal 80-column report, which can be printed on standard 8 ½” x 11” paper. Remember that this format hides account numbers for other member accounts on transfer transactions.

Use “F” for a full 132-column report. Remember that this format shows both name and account number for transfers to/from other member accounts.

  • HINT: Use the full report when you need to see the Trans ID (or sequence #) assigned to a transaction.

Post service charge

Account type to charge

Service charge amount

Use these fields to indicate whether or not a fee should be charged to the member for printing this report, and which account number the fee should come from. The amount of this charge is set up in system configuration and cannot be changed on this screen. (Any fees that are waived completely will be included on the Fee Waiver Information Report (Tool 371).

  • These fields may not appear on your screen if your credit union does not use the automatic service charge posting feature. Contact a CU*BASE representative for further information about this feature.

Report Sample

The following is a sample of the Normal, 80-column Transaction Register report:


Following is a sample of the Full 132-column report with all account information included:

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