Assign Approver to A/P Invoices

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Employees Configured to Approve A/P Invoice



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Access this screen by selecting invoices on the Organize Invoices for Payment screen and then "Assign Approver."

Additional Learning Resources

Overview: Accounts Payable Approvals

Configuring Tools for Accounts Payable


Learn more about configuring an Employee ID so that it can approve invoices and receive notifications.

This lists the Employee IDs that can approve invoices for this vendor. Select an employee and Select.  A confirmation window will appear.  Select Add/Update (F5) to complete the assignment.


Once this approver is assigned, the notification will be queued but is not sent until you leave the Organize Invoices for Approval/Payment screen. Once the approver is assigned the approver can use Tool #1920: Approve Accounts Payable Invoices to approve it.


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