Organize Invoices for Payment/Organize Invoices for Payment and Approval

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Organize Invoices for Payment/Organize Invoices for Payment and Approval


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1910: AP2: Organize Invoices for Processing.

(Two versions of this screen will appear depending on whether approvals have been activated for invoice payment.  The screen without approvals activated is titled "Organize Invoice for Payment" and is not shown.

Helpful Resources

Overview: Accounts Payable Approvals

What date is used on a check processed by the CU*BASE Accounts Payable feature?

Using this Screen: Preparing the Invoice for Payment

This screen is used to select invoices and prepare them for payment. If approvals is activated the invoices will need to be approved first.  Learn more here,

By default, open payables are listed by due date.  All column headers that are colored are sortable.  Click the header row to sort by that column.

Use the Branch and Vendor multiple select buttons to filter the listing to show only invoices associated with the selected items.  Enter a due date range to show only invoices that are due in the range selected.  View the invoice details by selecting an item and Invoice details.  

Invoices with Multiple Items

Each invoice # is presented on a single line.  Invoice numbers with multiple items may show an asterisk in three possible areas.

Preparing an Item for Payment

When ready check the box in the Pay column (first column) in front of an accounts payable invoice or use the Select These Items to select all items.  

Then select Save/Prepare to Pay to exit the screen.  A confirmation window will appear.  Use Confirm (F5) and these items will then become vouched items ready for payment.

Items Prepared for Payment/Vouched Items

Once the invoices have been selected here, they are considered “vouchers” waiting to be paid and will appear when you use Tool 1961: AP3: Process Accounts Payable Payments. You can return to this screen later and select a different batch or some individual invoices by vendor, and these will be added to any invoices that have already been selected previously.

Once an invoice has been turned into a voucher, it cannot be “unselected” and turned back into an invoice, although you can wait to actually print the check for as long as you like.

Accounts Payable Approvals

If approval are activated on the Accounts Payable Workflow Controls, this screen will be titled Organize Invoices for Payment and Approval. This screen will then have will additional approval options that allow you to assign invoices to be approved and to send notification to approvers alerting them that they are assigned.  It will also have additional columns that document who the invoice was sent to for approval and if the invoice was approved.

Screen Options

Field Name



Select an item in the listing and Delete to delete an invoice.  A confirmation screen will be presented.

Invoice details

Select an items in the listing and Invoice details to view the details.

Use this also to select an individual items for payment. (If approval are activated, this ability to select individual items will not be available until the item is approved.)

Assign approver

(Appears if approvals are activated.)

Allows you to assign an approver to the invoice.  Sends you to the screen allowing you to assign an approver to the invoice. One this is done the invoice will be removed from this dashboard until it is approved on the approvals screen.

Send reminder to approver

(Appears if approvals are activated and sending notifications to approvers is activated.)

Use this option to send a email notification to remind an approver that you are waiting for them to approve an invoice.  The notifications are not sent until you exit this screen.

Scan invoice image

Described below.

View invoice image

Described below.

ACH pmt advice note

(Appears if ACH Payment Advice is activated by the credit union)

Use this to add a note to the Payment Advice PDF that explains further something about the payment.  This may be use to explain an over- or under-payment, such as a rebate.  The Payment Advice PDF may be sent when the ACH payment is made, depending on if it is activated.


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Save/Prepare for Pay

Select this option to prepare the items for payment.  A confirmation screen will appear summarizing the items you have selected.

Select these Items

Use this to select all items that are ready to be prepared for payment.  If approvals are used, items that are not approved will not be selected.

Unselect these Items

Use this to deselect all items.  

Inv Descr/Inv #

This allows you to toggle the column between invoice description and invoice number.  

Vendor #/Payee

This allows you to toggle between vendor # and payee (Pay to).

Show Select Items/Show All Items

This allows you to toggle the view between showing all items and only the selected items.





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