Deny Online Banking Membership Application

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Deny Online Banking Membership Request


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This screen appears when you select a membership request and Deny from the Membership Applications from Online Banking screen.

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Screen Overview

This screen is accessed when you select to deny an online banking request.  Select whether to saving the primary applicant information as a non-member record or to not retain the information in the non-member file.  

Using this Screen

Select "Save primary applicant information on non-member file" on this screen. Select "Do no retain non-member information" if you do not want to save notes.  (See additionally Non-Member Notes below.)  After making your selection, use Confirm (F10) to advance to the Denial Notice screens.

Non-Member Notes

You can enter notes on the non-member that will become part of the permanent record of the non-member.  If configured, the notes will also be converted to be part of the membership Tracker record should the non-member become a member.  If a membership application is denied, the system-generated “Other Info/More Info” notes from the online membership screens (including the indicator that it was a MAP/MOP application) is also saved to a Non-Member Note.   SEE ALSO: Non-Member Notes  


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