Credit Report Evaluation for Loan Applicants

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Credit Report Evaluation


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This window will appear immediately after the Loan Application - Select Co-Signers screen, if your credit union uses online credit reports.

This window is used to verify the status of any online credit reports on file for the primary applicant and co-applicant (if any) on this loan.

Notice the “Report Date” for each of the applicants. If this reads 00/00/00, there is no report on file for this SSN. If a date exists, your credit union policy will dictate whether or not a new report should be pulled at this time.

If you wish to pull a new report for either applicant now, place a checkmark in the New Report field and use Enter to proceed to the credit report request screen. If no reports are needed, you will proceed directly to the first page of the loan application.

Filling Debts From Online Credit Reports

If your credit union uses online credit reporting, and has elected to allow the “fill in debts” feature to be activated (contact a client service representative to activate this flag), a “Fill Debts” column will appear on the right edge of this window.

The purpose of this option is to allow you to pull in information from a recent online credit report directly into the Debts section of the application. Simply place a checkmark in the “Fill Debts” field for either or both the applicant and co-applicant and use Enter to proceed.

Some considerations if you choose to use this feature:



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