Loan Quoter: “81 Payments”

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Loan Quoter Payment Selection


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Helpful Resources

Learn how to quote a loan payment and complete other tasks related to member inquiries.

Screen Overview

This screen is a quick way for you to quote simple loan payments. You can even quote payments with and without insurance premiums, but for more complex calculations always use the loan application process. The Loan Quoter cannot be used to quote debt protection. Instead complete a loan application using the loan application features in CU*BASE.

Getting Started

Start by entering the loan amount. (In order to quote insurance, you must also enter either an account number or a birth date for one or both of the borrowers-if quoting for a non-member, use the Name field to enter a name so that it can appear on any printed materials for this quote.

Use Enter to calculate the quote and display all of the appropriate payment options at the bottom of the screen.

See below for hints related to quoting insurance.

Changing the Quote

Calculating the Difference Between Two Payments

When reviewing this screen with your member, there is a handy tool that will calculate the difference between two of the quoted payment amounts, and will even break down the difference per day. Use this procedure:

  1. Click the Calculate Difference button


  1. Click on the number 1 next to a payment amount


  1. Click on the arrow next to another payment amount


The following window will appear showing the difference between the two payments selected:


Click Continue (or press Enter) to return to the original screen. Repeat the steps again for a different set of payments as needed.

Why wasn't insurance quoted automatically?

If insurance premiums (or debt protection fees) are not being quoted automatically, check the following:

NOTE: Insurance premium costs do not reflect changing premiums over time as the loan is paid down; they represent the premium/cost for the first payment.

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