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Product Category Configuration Selection List


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #470: Loan Product Configuration.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to write off an OTB loan.

Looking for some recommendations on your big picture planning for your loan configuration? Refer to the Big Picture Planning for Your Loan Configurations overview.

Special Note regarding Online Credit Card Loan Products: For information about the unique configuration features for CU*BASE online credit card loans, refer to the Online Credit Card Processing Configuration Guide.

Screen Overview

This is the first of several screens used to build loan product codes for use in selling loans to members. Products created here are used by the CU*BASE Rate Inquiry feature, in the Loan Quoter, in normal Loan Request Processing, and even via external delivery channels such as the It's Me 247 online banking Loan Rate Board or a third-party website. Up to 999 loan products can be configured per corporation.

A Loan Product is a specific type of loan offered to members, and is the key mechanism for how your credit union sells loan products to your members. The Loan Category is the CU*BASE configuration that governs how the loan is serviced (payment and interest calculations, payment matrix, G/L accounts, etc.). Examples of loan products include your credit union's used car loan offering, new car loan, RV loan, etc.—these products could all be tied to the same generic “closed-end” or “vehicle loan” category.


Using Search Options To Locate Products

To locate a particular product quickly, use the Search Options at the top of the screen:

Using Display Options To Verify Your List

Use the Display Options to change the list at the bottom of the screen to display only products with certain characteristics. This is designed to help you organize and verify your products by displaying configured codes in logical groups.

Working With Loan Products


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