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Loan Category Interest Rates


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This screen appears when you choose “Loan Rate Inquiry” from the initial Rate Inquiry screen.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to quote a loan rate and complete other tasks related to member inquiries.

Screen Overview

This screen displays the latest interest rates for a credit union's loan products. This screen takes the place of the typical “quote sheet” used to give members the latest rates for all types of loans.

Remember that loan products are configured with a single “base” rate, then any other rates used for this inquiry, for online banking, or in the Loan Quoter are entered as a variant (either plus or minus) calculated off the base rate. This screen shows all three so that you can see how the rate is calculated:

Base Rate + or - the Variant = the Offered Rate

The Offered Rate (in blue text) is the rate you will quote to members inquiring about your loan rates. Depending on your configuration, you will generally state the rate is “as low as” the offered rate. (Remember that some products will use risk-based pricing which is then contingent on the member's credit score.)

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