Loan Product Configuration Options

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Loan Product Configuration Options


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Access this screen by selecting an existing product and Select on the entry loan product screen.

Check the box in front of the loan products you wish to view.  Then press Enter to move through these loan product screens one at a time.  Below is a description of each loan product screen and direct access to the help topic for each.



General loan information

This screen lets you define basic default settings that control how this product will behave in Rate Inquiry and the Loan Quoter, as well as when creating a new loan request/application using Process Member Applications. This first screen is broken into three parts:

  • The top section of the screen is general information for this loan product, as well as flags that let you determine through which delivery channels this product will be sold, and what type of coverage, if any is included in the loan product.

  • The middle section controls both the amortization defaults for new loan requests as well as loans through an external delivery channel such as Dealertrack. (It's Me 247 online banking settings are on the next screen.)

  • The bottom section is used only for the Loan Quoter, and lets you set rate variances so that you can quote a range of rates. Credit Cards cannot currently be used in Loan Quoter.

This selection also allows you to access the these screens:

  • Miscellaneous coverage screen. If a miscellaneous coverage is selected on this screen, the words “Miscellaneous Coverage exists” will appear at the top of the screen at the time of the request on the Loan Request Payment Selection screen. Clicking the Miscellaneous Coverages button will allow the lender to add miscellaneous coverage to the time the loan is created.

  • Risk-Based Pricing screens. The first screen is used to define risk-based pricing for this loan product. CU*BASE Risk-Based Lending lets you automatically price member loans according to the level of risk associated with granting and servicing those loans. The second screen is used to set up an individual pricing group by risk level (or paper grade).

Loan product defaults

The intent of this screen make it possible to make the majority of the fields that are filled in by a loan officer in the loan request process (not including the application itself) configurable in some way.  This either could be by allowing a default value to be specified (like a default Security Code), or by providing a parameter the system can use to calculate the default value (like defining the # of days to use when calculating the first payment date).  You can also use this feature to restrict entry of a field on the loan application although Unlock Fields (F11) will unlock the field for entry.  You can also hide field permanently from view. 

Insurance/Debt protection product selection

This is the entry screen to select to advance to screens to configure this loan product to automatically quote insurance premiums options or debt protection options when processing a new loan request.

Online banking

This screen lets you define whether or not the product will appear in your It's Me 247 Online Banking Loan Rate Board.

Member sales information

In addition to providing a place for a competitive marketing statements about why the member should choose this product, you can also use this space for other helpful instructions, such as:

  • If the product is being made available to be opened in online banking, this would be a great place to tell members what will happen when the account is opened (forms you'll send, etc.).

  • If the product is not for sale on line (such as a mortgage loan), this is the ideal spot to describe how a member can open or apply for an account, even including your loan officer contact information.

Default loan forms

This screen pulls all of the loan forms that are used for application or loan form creation.  This screen allows you to have the form default to be selected for printing on the loan creation screen or loan application screen.


The Electronic Check List is simply a list of tasks to be completed during the loan application process. A loan officer or other employee can mark each task as it is completed, and the list is a handy reference to check on the progress of the application. Each loan category can have a unique list of tasks, although some tasks, such as “Run Credit Report” will probably appear on all loan products.


Use this to create a list of procedures or checklist of tasks that should be completed when opening the actual account. Add items such as forms to be filled out, signatures needed, and related paperwork to be given to the member, to make sure the 'I's are dotted and 't's are crossed according to credit union procedures. 

This screen is also available via Rate Inquiry, Loan Quoter and Loan Request features.

Marketing tips

Use this to create a list of sales hints and instructions for selling this product to members or the “sales” script your staff should use when explaining and selling a credit union product to a member. Include answers to typical questions, suggestions for related materials or demonstrations, and tips for overcoming objections.

This screen is also available via Rate Inquiry, Loan Quoter and Loan Request features.

Loan deal filters

Will appear only if the Run loan deal filters feature on the Loan Product Configuration General Info screen has been enabled.  Use this to adjust the deal filter settings including minimum LTV, vehicle age and mileage, and monthly income.      




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