Payroll Detail Maintenance - Base Deposit Account Information

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Base Deposit Account Information


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Learn how to add an account to a payroll group.

Screen Overview

This second screen is used to define the amount of funds that will be deposited into the Base Deposit Account for this member.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Deposit/payment amount

Enter the total amount of the paycheck that will be deposited via payroll.

  • For example, if a member gets paid $750.00 each time a payroll is sent, enter 75000 here.

Effective date

If the member will not be receiving payroll deposits until a later date (e.g., if you are notified of a new employee a few weeks in advance), enter the effective date here. When the work file is created to balance a payroll, this account will not appear until the effective date. Leave the field blank to begin the deposits immediately.


This field shows the priority sequence to be used when distributing funds among a member's base deposit accounts. This field is used only for base payrolls and is for reference only to aid in determining to which account funds should be directed first, in case payroll funds are short.

  • For distributed payrolls (the most common type), this field is generally left blank for the base deposit account. A separate priority sequence is set up when configuring the distribution accounts.

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Payroll ID

An identifier for this member within the payroll group, such as an employee number, clock number, etc. The use for this field is determined when the payroll group is configured.

Special search by

When a Payroll Group is configured, you can define the field by which the list will be sorted when balancing and posting the payroll. One option is to sort by the contents of this Special Search By field. This field can contain anything you wish (name, SSN, account base, or anything else such as clock number or employee ID), depending on how the company plans to sort and communicate the payroll to the credit union.

  • For example, ABC Company lists its payroll in random order, with new names added to the bottom of the list. A sequential number was assigned to each name on the list, and that number was entered into this Special search by field for each member. When the Payroll Group was set up, the defaults specified that the list was to be displayed in order by this field, so that the work file used for balancing matched the order of the list provided by the company.

In addition, the Payroll Group can also be set up to automatically fill in this field with the member's name, SSN, or account base.


If the Base Deposit Account is an IRA account type, this field should contain an appropriate IRA Code. If the Base Deposit Account is an HSA account type, this field should contain an appropriate HSA Code.

  • NOTE: It is recommend that you use only current year IRA processing codes (C and D) unless you plan to carefully monitor this field. Remember that previous year deposits (P and Q) have an April cutoff date.

Change amount

If the member’s payroll amount is due to change at some point in the future, this field can indicate the new Deposit/payment amount, effective on the date shown in the Change date field.

Change date

If the member's payroll amount is due to change at some point in the future, this field can indicate the date on which the new amount will take effect.

  • IMPORTANT: If using this field, be sure to also enter an amount in the Change amount field. Otherwise, the change will take place but the new amount will be zero.

Suspense count

This field is not used.


The system will multiply the regular deposit information by the number in this field and perform that many separate payroll distributions, each time a payroll is posted. This can be modified on the work file at the time of the posting, if needed.

This can be used for payroll groups which send multiple payroll payments at one time (such as a school system sending multiple checks for teachers at the beginning of the summer).




Backup arrow (F3)

Use this to cancel any changes and return to the previous screen.

  • NOTE: If Distribution Accounts (F13) was used, all changes made were saved at that time.

Suspend/Reactivate (F4)

Use this to suspend this member's payroll record, so that payroll deductions will not be processed for this account. A confirmation window will appear. Return to this screen and use Reactivate (F4) to reactivate the record.

  • This feature can be helpful for employees that temporarily will not be included in a payroll (leave of absence, layoff, etc.), but will return to the normal payroll at a future date.

Member Inquiry (F12)

Use this to display the Member Inquiry screens, to look up information about a member's account.

Distribution Accounts (F13)

Use this to proceed to the Distribution Account Selection screen and create or modify payroll distributions for this member.

  • NOTE: Distributions can only be set up if the Allow Distributions parameter in the Payroll Group record allows it.

Delete (F16)

Use this to delete the member's base deposit payroll record and all associated distributions. A confirmation window will appear.

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