Payroll Detail Maintenance - Select Base Deposit Account

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Base Deposit Account Selection


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Access by selecting Tool #995: Work with Member Payroll Detail (Shortcut: payroll).

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to add an account to a payroll group.

Screen Overview

This is the first of four screens used to set up or maintain the master payroll file containing base deposit accounts and distribution information for members receiving payroll deposits.

First, enter the Payroll Group ID to be maintained. The Payroll Group must already have been created using the Work With PR Employer Groups feature.

To define the Base Deposit Account, enter the account to which the initial deposit of payroll funds is to be made. From this account, funds can be distributed among other accounts. Use Enter to proceed to the second screen. (If this base account has already been created, the current settings will be displayed. If not, a new record will be created for the member's payroll deposit.)

4057-Maintenance NOT ALLOWED. Payroll group is WAITING to be posted.

If maintenance is necessary, delete the work file first.

IMPORTANT: To make it easier to balance the payroll, it is recommended that the base deposit account be that account which will receive the net amount of payroll funds, especially for paychecks that are not always the same amount each period. Because all funds are initially deposited into the Base Deposit Account before any distributions are made, this account should not be a loan account.

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