Balancing a Payroll Work File - Selecting a Group

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Payroll Group Selection


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #696: Process/Post Member Payrolls.

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Batch Posting Multiple Payrolls

Screen Overview

This is the first of four screens used to create a payroll work file and balance member payroll data to a payroll check. Once balancing is complete, the payroll can be posted using these screens.

Enter the Payroll Group ID and use Enter to proceed to the second screen.

IMPORTANT: Entering these screens creates the payroll work file. Maintenance on the payroll member distribution records cannot be done if a work file exists. Therefore, if you enter these screens (even by mistake) and then later wish to perform maintenance using the Work With Member PR Detail feature, the work file must first be deleted.

Remember that if a payroll is received by CU*Answers via tape, the work file has already been created for you. Entering these screens will simply display the resulting work file which was created when the tape was uploaded. If you need to delete the work file, contact a CU*BASE representative for assistance in recreating the work file from the original tape.

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