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Distribution Account Selection


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This screen will appear when you use "Distribution Accounts" (F13) on the Base Deposit Account Information screen.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to add an account to a payroll group.

Screen Overview

NOTE: This screen can be accessed only if Allow Distributions is set to “Y” in the default Payroll Group parameters.

This screen is used to set up the Distribution Accounts to which payroll funds will be distributed once they have been deposited into the base deposit account. For example, a member could have funds transferred to a Christmas Club account, or make a payment on a loan. Any existing distributions that have already been set up will appear in the list.

To create or modify a distribution record, enter the account base and suffix and use Enter (or select the item in the list and use Select) to proceed to the distribution detail screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Deposit Amount

The total payroll deposit amount received into the Base Deposit Account, as set up on the previous screen.

Total Distributions

The total amount already distributed among other member accounts.


This field shows the total amount left over after distributions are made. This amount will remain in the Base Deposit Account.

Select Distribution Account

Enter an account base and suffix to which funds are to be distributed, and use Enter to proceed to the distribution detail screen.

  • This can be any valid account base and suffix, including another member's account.

Distribution Account

This column lists all account numbers to which funds are distributed via payroll deduction.


This column lists the priority number assigned to each distribution account. Funds are disbursed in order using this sequential number.

  • NOTE: If more than one account is assigned the same priority number, the system will distribute funds in numeric order by account suffix.

Distribution Amount

This column lists the amounts being distributed to each account.

Effective Date

This column lists the dates on which the distributions will begin.


This column will list the status of the distribution, either “active” for a normal distribution, or “suspnd” for a distribution which is suspended.

  • If an item is listed as suspended, and you wish to reactivate it, enter the distribution account base and suffix, use Enter to display the distribution information screen, then use Enter again reactivate.

Change Amount

If the distribution amount for this account is due to change at some point in the future, this column shows the new amount, effective on the date shown in the Change Date field.

Change Date

If the distribution amount for this account is due to change at some point in the future, this column shows the date on which the new amount will take effect.




Backup arrow (F3)

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Base Deposit Accounts (F13)

Use this to toggle back to the Base Deposit Account Information screen.

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