CO-OP Shared Branching

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Shared Branching Network


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Access this screen by selecting "Deposit/Withdrawal from the previous screen

Helpful Resources

Learn how to issue a miscellaneous receipt via shared branching.

Learn how to issue a cashier's check via shared branching.

Learn how to issue a money order via shared branching.

Screen Overview

Use this screen to assist a member/joint owner/non-member at another credit union in your CO-OP shared branching network.

Action Codes supported include*:

  • R = Miscellaneous Receipt

  • C = Check Withdrawal

  • T = Transfer

  • W = Withdrawal transfer**

  • D = Deposit Transfer **

  • I = Inquiry (You can also access the Share, Certificate (Investment), and Loan detail screens by using the inquiry feature)

The system also supports the following informational codes*

  • 1 = Loan interview

  • 2 = Loan close

  • 3 = Loan distribution

  • 4 = Documentation notification

  • 5 = Vehicle inspection

  • 6 = New sub-account

  • 8 = Card reorder

  • 9 = Check reorder

  • A = Address change

  • F = Force post (approval required)

  • V = Check Authorization

*These codes go into the Proc Code field.

**The W and D codes are for situations where the member has two different account numbers (not sub-accounts) and is transferring between them.  You will still perform the transaction the same as usual with a cash withdrawal and cash deposit, but the new codes let you inform the member's CU that a transfer took place.


After completing your transaction activity, use "Post" (F5) to move to the confirmation screen.