Issue Money Order via Shared Branching

These steps explain how to issue a money order for a CO-OP shared branching member.

  • These steps assume the funds for the money order are already in the member's account. If the member does not have sufficient funds, you will first need to perform a separate deposit transaction before following the steps below.
  • If an eReceipt appears after posting the transaction, have the member sign the signature pad. Then print and save the receipt.


1. Launch tool #1: Teller Line Posting.

2. Enter your employee ID and password.

3. Click the SB Network button at the bottom of the screen.

4. On the Shared Branching Network screen, select the credit union to which the shared branching member belongs.

5. Click Select.

The credit union you selected will then be highlighted and a number of fields will appear below.

6. Enter the member's account number in the Account # field.

7. From the Membership drop-down menu, select the type of member you are serving.

8. In the Select request field, enter the code that corresponds to the type of account you wish to access.

9. Click the forward arrow.

10. On the Shared Branching Network - Member Verification pop-up, enter the member's identification information or leave the pop-up blank, depending on your credit union procedures.

11. Click the forward arrow.

12. Click the Deposit/Withdrawal button on the Shared Branching Network funds in screen to proceed to the next screen.

13. On the Shared Branching Network deposit/withdrawal screen, in the Withdrawal Amount field corresponding to the account from which the member would like the funds withdrawn, enter the total amount of the money order and fee, if applicable.

14. Enter 'R' in the Proc Code field.

15. Click Post.

16. On the Shared Branching - Miscellaneous Receipts screen, enter the amount of the money order in the Amount field.

17. Enter the code your credit union has configured for shared branching money orders or the number of the G/L account that will need to be debited, depending on your credit union procedures.

18. Enter the corresponding receipt or G/L description, depending on your credit union procedures.

19. Click Post. 

20. On the Confirm pop-up showing you the results of the shared-branching transaction, click the forward arrow.

21. Issue the money order as an accounting check.

Additional Steps

In addition to completing the steps above, you may need to do the following, depending on your credit union procedures:

  • Prior to performing the miscellaneous receipt transaction, launch tool #778: Scan a Single Name Through OFAC and search for the name of the payee on the check for daily work.
  • Additionally, have the shared branching member fill out and sign a check withdrawal disclaimer form and file it with your daily work.
  • After posting the miscellaneous receipt transaction, have the shared branching member sign the receipt. Then note their drivers license number and expiration date on the receipt.

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