Employee Account Security (2)

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Employee Account Security


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Access this screen by entering an account number or selecting "All member accounts" on the first employee security screen.

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This second screen is used to control the access this employee has to this member account (or to all member accounts, if that option was selected on the previous screen). Answer all questions and use Enter to save the changes and return to the previous screen.

If you need to reset security on an individual account so that it goes back to the default settings for the Employee Type code on the membership account, access this screen and use Delete  (F4) to clear the override record.

Field Descriptions

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Field Name


Allow account inquiry

Check this flag if this employee should be allowed to access this membership via the Inquiry (F1) and Phone Operator (F2) feature.

EXCEPTION: This does NOT apply to the Phone Inq (P) Process Code on the initial Teller Posting screen, since the teller system is a posting program. (Instead of using the process code, we recommend a teller working in that screen simply use the CU*BASE Time-Out window to perform a quick account inquiry on his or her own account.)

  • IMPORTANT: In order for this control to work properly, your credit union must require an employee ID and password every time Inquiry and Phone Inquiry are used. Contact a CU*BASE client service representative to activate this security feature.

This also impacts the following:

  • Tool #70: Enter General Member Comments/Messages or when adding an account comment

  • Tool #918: Update Trans Desc & IRA/HSA Post Codes

  • If All member accounts was selected on the previous screen, this flag will control inquiry access to all memberships.

Allow account maintenance

Check this box to allow this employee access to the following update programs.  Leave the flag unchecked to deny this access.

This applied to the following tools:

  • Tool #12: Update/Order Online Credit Cards

  • Tool #15: Update Membership Information

  • Tool #20: Update Account Information

  • Tool #51: Miscellaneous Loan Maintenance  

  • Tool #70: Enter General Member Comments/Messages

  • Tool #568: Online Credit Card Orders Inquiry

  • Tool #813: Member Skip-Pay Program Opt-in

  • Tool #883: Update ARU/Online Banking Transfer Ctrl

  • Tool #884: Update Auto Transfer Information

  • Tool #888: Update Closed Membership Information

  • Tool #890: Update Email Addresses

  • Tool #896: Update IRA Balance Information

  • Tool #897: Update IRA Beneficiary Information

  • Tool #898: Update IRA Payout Information

  • Tool #899: Update IRS Tax Information

  • Tool #900: Update Loan Classification Code on Acct

  • Tool #902: Update Membership/Account Reason Codes

  • Tool #903:  Update Misc. Secured Funds Information

  • Tool #904: Update Mortgage Statement History

  • Tool #906: Update NSF Stats / Reg DD Fees

  • Tool #908: Update Overdraft Protection

  • Tool #913: Update Savings Bond Information

  • Tool #918: Update Trans Desc & IRA/HSA Post Codes

  • Tool #995: Work With Member Payroll Detail  

  • Tool #969: Work With ACH Members/Companies

  • Tool #985: Update NSF Stats / Reg DD Fees

  • PIN speed sequence

  • Close Accounts, Memberships

If All member accounts was selected on the previous screen, this flag will control maintenance access to all memberships.

Allow posting to account

Use this flag to control this employee;'s access to this account in the following posting systems:

  • Teller Posting

  • Process Code ā€œPā€ (Phone) from the initial Teller Posting screen (Allow account inquiry must also be checked)

  • Transfer (F13) from the initial Teller Posting screen

  • Tool #516: Member Transfers

  • Tool #492: Member Account Adjustment (Full)

  • Tool #14: Member Personal Banker

  • Tool #30: Member Account Adjustment (Coded)

  • Posting processes within Phone Operator (F2) (Transfers, Miscellaneous Receipts, Stop Payments, and Checks)

  • Tool #869: Transaction Reversal

  • Tool #585: Perform Transaction Override

  • Close Certificates (Redeem Certificate)

  • Tool 341: Direct Mail Posting

If All member accounts was selected on the previous screen, this flag will control posting access to all memberships.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#UACSEC02.htm