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Verify Bank Secrecy Act File


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #984: Work Daily BSA/CTR Activity.

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to update an audit Tracker and complete other tasks related to Trackers.

For busy credit unions, tracking the activity necessary to adhere to the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) requirements can be tricky. To make this process a little easier, a BSA Activity inquiry is available to verify transactions against the various reports your credit union is required to submit. Similar to the Collections inquiry systems, this inquiry will allow you to mark the items as “verified” as you check them against the Currency Transaction Report and/or Suspicious Activity Reports your credit union is required to file. For complete information about configuring your BSA parameters, using this inquiry, and using the related daily and on-demand reports, refer to the Bank Secrecy Monitoring booklet.

Screen Overview

This first screen is a summary, showing one record per day for each SSN/TIN where total transactions reached your threshold on that day. In addition to your own teller activity you will also see the activity of your members at shared branching locations or national shared branch locations (Xtend or National switches). This screen includes ATM cash withdrawal transactions and if your credit unions machines/networks support Smart ATMs, this screen will also include cash deposits as well.  Records are sorted by date, with the most recent date at the top of the list.

Transactions are monitored and grouped by SSN/TIN. Remember that you will have members from multiple credit unions shown on the report. If a company has the same Tax ID as another member’s Social Security number, or if the same person belongs to two different shared branch credit unions and performs transactions at both of them, or if a member has used their own Social Security number on a child’s account, the combination of these otherwise unrelated accounts may exceed BSA requirements and cause accounts to appear on the report that otherwise would not. Careful analysis of both the inquiry and report detail will help to determine appropriate action under BSA rules.

If your configuration specifies calculation method 1 (combine $$ in and $$ out), only members whose combined money in and money out total exceeds your configured level will be included in the list.

If using calculation method 2, (separate $$ in from $$ out), the screen will show up to two records per SSN: one for the total money in (if it exceeds your threshold), and another for total money out (if it exceeds your threshold).

Searching for Data

Enter a date in the Go to date field and use Enter to scroll the list quickly to the first entry with that date. Data is stored on line for at least 3 months (a purge occurs once a month at the end of the month).

To display all records for a specific person, regardless of date, enter a SSN/TIN in the other search field and use Enter. This is helpful if you are trying to research a pattern of suspicious cash activity for a particular membership. To return to the full list, clear both search fields and use Enter to refresh.

Reviewing CTRs

An asterisk (*) will appear in the column just to the right of the total transaction amount for any totals that exceed the CTR threshold in your configuration (such as $10,000).

If a CTR form exists that matches a SSN/TIN listed here, the Last Action Taken on CTR column will show the most recent task completed related to that CTR. This status is updated when the form is printed, even if no changes were made to the data.

To create or modify a CTR form, select the record and use the CTR option to proceed to the fill-in screens. If no form has been created yet for the current date, the system will create a new one, filling in as much general member and transaction data as possible from the selected BSA record. If a CTR already exists (assuming it hasn’t been marked as locked/submitted yet) the fill-in screens will appear and you can make changes as needed.

If you need to create a form for a SSN/TIN which does not appear in your BSA list, use F15-Work All CTRs to proceed to the Work with CTRs screen, then use F6-Add New CTR.

Verifying Bank Secrecy Act Activity

To work with the records, select an item in the list and use one of the following options:



Show Details

Use this to see the individual transactions that make up the total displayed on this screen. The detail screen shown on the following page will appear.


Use this to mark a record as verified. This might mean that you have completed all necessary reports, or have researched to ensure that no additional action is required. The current date will appear in the Date Verified column, and your Employee ID will appear in the By column.

  • BE CAREFUL: This cannot be undone if a record is marked by mistake.

An Audit Tracker entry will be made at this time. Select F5-Save/Continue to complete the Tracker entry.

  • CU*TIP: This feature is separate from the CTR features, including the separate Submit/Lock feature that locks the CTR from further editing. If you wish, your credit union can even choose to separate the responsibilities – one person checks and submits CTRs while another verifies all BSA items against other policies/procedures (SARs, etc.).


Use this to delete a record from this inquiry file. This should be used only in rare cases where you want to remove a record completely (such as if the transactions were subsequently reversed or the amounts adjusted and they are no longer subject to BSA rules).

  • IMPORTANT: Remember that this file is also used for the summary report, so removing it here will remove it from the report as well. Also remember that your BSA database and your CTR database are completely separate from one another. If you delete something displayed here, related CTRs will NOT be affected, nor vice versa.

An Audit Tracker entry will be made at this time. Select F5-Save/Continue to complete the Tracker entry.


Use this to create or modify a CTR form for the selected SSN/TIN. The CTR fill-in screens will appear.




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