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E-Statement Member Enrollment


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Access this screen by clicking Go! in front of "E-statements (enroll or change enrollment status)" on the the Member Personal Banker screen.

Get the member's perspective with this online banking video: Enrolling in eStatements (More videos below!)

Helpful Resources

Learn how to complete tasks related to eStatement enrollment and other online services.

Screen Overview

Although members can enroll for eStatements themselves in It's Me 247 online banking, this screen is available in case a credit union representative needs to enroll (or unenroll) a member for eStatements. Complete all fields and use Enter to save.

CU*TIP: Unless you also have a printed version of the enrollment form and disclosure information, it is generally advised that members be instructed to enroll (or unenroll) themselves via It's Me 247 online banking. A member service representative should show members how to access the enrollment page in It's Me 247 online banking. (Remember that any workstation can access It's Me 247 online banking directly through the NET icon in CU*BASE GOLD - no Internet access is required.)

Field Descriptions

Field Name


E-statement enrollment option

Choose one of the options shown to enroll this member:

  • Receive e-statement only (1)

  • Receive e-statement with additional mailed copy (2)

  • Receive e-statement with additional mailed copy for xx months (3)

Or choose Unenroll from e-Statements (99) to unenroll a member that has already been enrolled.

The options shown will depend on your credit union's configured choices.

  • NOTE:  If your credit union selects option 2 or 3, the member will be charged for both the eStatement (generally a credit) and the statement (if a fee is charged for this service via the statement styles feature) for as long as they receive both an electronic and paper statement.

Email address

This shows the member's email address as stored on the member's MASTER record. Changes made here will automatically update the MASTER file.

Learn more about email address verifications

CU*TIP: Click the email images\envelopeicong_shg.gif button to start a new email message to this address using whatever email program is on this workstation (you must have email software already loaded).

Email address is wrong

When an email is flagged as being an incorrect address, this checkbox will be checked and the email address field will be highlighted in blue. Correct the address and press Enter to uncheck this option. Or, if the email address was temporarily not working, but is correct, uncheck the checkbox and press Enter to mark the address as a valid one.

  • A valid email address may be required for a member to receive eStatements, depending on your configuration. If an email address is required and the email address is flagged as being incorrect, the member will not be unenrolled from eStatements, but will receive a paper statement until the address is corrected.

Enrollment date

If enrolling (option 1, 2 or 3 in the drop down menu under "e-Statement option"), this will automatically default to the current date and will be updated upon entry.

Unenrollment date

If unenrolling (option 99),  this will automatically default to the current date and will be updated upon entry.

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