Reviewing a Private Contacts Message (Contact Us Request)

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Online Banking Contact Request


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This screen appears after selecting a contact request and using the Edit/Work Request on the Contacts from Online Banking screen.

About Private Contacts

Private Contacts allow members to send messages that contain private information about their accounts, and your credit union (if configured) can then respond to the member via It’s Me 247 online or mobile banking.  This is not email, but a way for you to communicate back and forth with your members using tools they already use every day.  You may already have been moving away to chat or other third-party solution, but this native communications solution might take out some of the member confusion and bring it all back to your online banking and mobile channels.'

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Using this Screen

This screen is used to review the content of the Private Contacts message from the member and respond according to credit union policies procedures.  The member may request to have a certain department respond and may also supply a phone number at which to receive a phone call or text at.  (NOTE: A member is not enrolled in the CU*BASE Mobile Text Banking feature when they make this request.)  

Responding to a Request Using Private Contacts

If configured, this screen can also be used to respond to the request and send a reply in the form of a secure online banking message.  The member sees the reply the next time they log into online baking.  See the Basic Flow in the Overview: Private Contacts topic for more details.  The member can reply and it will seem like an email, as a RE: will be added to the Subject line each time, but in fact each message (and reply) is a separate Private Contacts request. After entering your response, use Send/Delete Request to send the response to the member and delete the request from the queue.

Recording a Message in a Tracker

You can also record the member's message and your reply in a Tracker conversation.  Before sending the response, enter a Tracker and Memo Type in the fields provided.  You will advance to the Tracker conversation screen after clicking Send/Delete Request.  NOTE:  A Tracker and Memo Type may be pre-filled and may be required depending on the Private Contacts configuration.

Saving a New Phone Number

If the member supplies a new phone number at which to be contacted, the words This is a New Number will appear in red on the screen.  Click Save Phone# and you will advance to the screen to save the phone number.  There will be a notation that this came from a Private Contacts request.  (You will later need to return and mark what kind of phone number it is, for example a cell number.)  When you return to this screen, the button will disappear, indicating that the number is saved.  Refer to the Private Contacts booklet for step by step directions on this procedure.

Verify Member and View Tracker

From this screen, you can use the Verify Member button to access the Verify Member screen to learn more about the membership details and the Review Tracker button to access Tracker details, such as Trackers on previous conversations with the member.




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