Analyzing Household Statistics

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Credit Union Product Analysis


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Access this screen by clicking the Detail button next to Credit Union Product Analysis on the Household Analysis screen.

This screen allows Excel and PDF Downloads:

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This screen compiles account balance information for all of the credit union accounts held by all members of this Household. 

In addition to balance and rate information, the system will calculate this household’s individual Loan to Share ratio (total loans ¸ total savings).  In essence, this screen shows a “trial balance” for the household as it relates to participation in the credit union.


The Average Balance is calculated as follows:

Total Balance / # of Accounts


The Effective Rate column shows the effective rate being paid to the member (for share-type accounts) or by the member (for loan accounts), calculated as follows:

Acct #1 Bal /Total Bal of HH Accts x Rate = Eff. Rate #1

Acct #2 Bal /Total Bal of HH Accts x Rate = Eff. Rate #2

Acct #3 Bal /Total Bal of HH Accts x Rate = Eff. Rate #3

                                                      Total = Net Effective Rate


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