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Open New Membership Selection


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This screen appears when “Create New Membership” is selected on the initial Membership Services screen.

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Helpful Resources

Opening Memberships Flow Chart

Learn how to complete tasks related to opening/closing memberships/accounts.

We sometimes have a non-member joint owners that join the credit union, or closed memberships that re-join later on. When I create the membership I choose to copy that old data into the new membership so I don’t have to retype everything. What happens with the phone numbers in those cases?

Screen Overview

This screen is the first of several used to create a new membership. This screen lets you decide what type of membership record is to be created (individual or organization), as well as to assign a Membership Designation code that will help your staff handle this membership appropriately.

The Assess fee and Fee amount fields on this screen will appear only if your credit union has elected a new member fee assessment in system configuration. (Contact a CU*BASE representative for more information about configuring this fee.) If allowed by the configuration, you may be able to de-select the Assess Fee checkbox in cases where you wish to waive the fee for this member.

Complete all fields and use Enter to proceed to the next screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Corp ID

The corporation for this new member. Use Unlock Fields (F11) to change this, if needed.

Branch #

The member branch number for this new member. (This comes from the branch number of the employee creating the membership.) Use Unlock Fields (F11) to change this branch, if needed.


The Social Security number (for an individual account) or a Tax ID number (for an organization) entered on the previous screen. (If an account number was entered, this screen shows the SSN/TIN from that account.)


If this membership is being created by copying information from an existing membership, this will show the member's name.

Membership type

Choose “I” for an individual, or “O” for an organization. The main difference between these is the information fields required. For example, an individual account screen requests first and last name, gender, birthdate, etc. An organization account screen has a longer field for company name, includes charter date, etc.

Assess fee

This checkbox will appear if your credit union configuration includes a fee for opening a new membership. If checked, a fee will be assessed. Remove the checkmark to waive the fee for this member. Credit union policy will generally dictate when and how fees are waived.

The fee will be taken from the -000 share account balance (bringing the balance to a negative amount). This amount is generally recovered by the teller when the member makes his or her initial deposit.

  • Contact a CU*BASE representative if you need more information about configuring this fee.

 Fee amount

(This field will appear if your credit union configuration includes a fee for opening a new membership.) The default fee amount will appear, but it can be changed for this member by manually entering a new figure.

  • A fee will only be assessed if the Assess fee field is checked.

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