Opening Memberships: Flow Chart

The following is an outline showing the order in which key screens will appear when opening new memberships, assuming every option is selected in your credit union's Workflow Controls configuration.

In a nutshell, there are now three main “steps” for opening a membership:


You create the membership, then add any joint owners and beneficiaries, then proceed through other miscellaneous optional services based on your preferences. Following is a breakdown of the main screens that could potentially appear in each step.

Step 1: New Member Info

  1. Membership Services ("Start")

  2. Open New Membership Selection

  3. Open Individual/Organization Membership: General Info

  4. OFAC Scan

  5. Blocked Persons Scan

  6. Credit Report Evaluation/Request

  7. ChexSystems QualiFile Risk Assessment Scan

  8. Open Individual/Organization Membership: Previous Address Info

  9. Open Individual/Organization Membership: Miscellaneous Info

  10. Master Greeting

  11. Confirm Open Membership

  12. Household Enrollment

Step 2: Joint Owners/Beneficiaries

  1. Joint Owner/Beneficiary Setup

  2. Print Misc. Member Account Forms

Step 3: Miscellaneous Info

  1. Marketing Club Enrollment

  2. New Account Creation

  3. Member Personal Banker (for Audio Response/Online Banking Enrollment, eStatement Enrollment, and Bill Payment Enrollement)

  4. Open End Loan Contract



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