Configuring Service Charges - Overview

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Service Charge Configuration


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #810: Service Charge Configuration (maintenance) and Tool #964: View Service Charge Config (inquiry).

This is the first of several screens used to configure service charges for various member activity. Service Charges apply to share accounts only and are configured according to Dividend Application (DIVAPL) code. There are three different types, designed to accomplish the most commonly-requested types of fees that formerly required custom programming:


IMPORTANT: CU*BASE service charge options are very flexible, and therefore should be discussed with a CU*BASE client service representative prior to implementation. A fee may apply.  See the pricing guide for more information.


CU*TIP: There is a field on the MEMBERx record for share and share draft accounts that can be set so that a member is waived for ALL service charges on that account. This field is updated using Tool #15: Update Account Information. Click here (screen 1, screen 2) for more information on waiving service charges for a member using this flag.




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