Account Service Charge Configuration (1)

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Account Service Charge Configuration


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Access this screen by selecting "Account Service Charge Configuration" on the entry Service Charge Configuration screen.


This is the first of several screens used to set up periodic service charges that are assessed to members who hold certain types of accounts, such as a monthly service charge for a business checking account. This type of service charge is used for a regular fee that should be charged regardless of member transaction activity (i.e., the fee is for having the account, regardless of whether it is used or not).   Every individual service charge you configure is called a “Program.” A program number is assigned that controls the basic settings, including when the fee is charged and the types of transactions included, then specific fee parameters are configured.  

On this screen. for existing Programs, you can view the Application Type, the program title, the frequency, the # of products used, whether the service charge is active, whether a notice is generated when the service charge is charged (this required the notice event to be connected with a notice) and the last date the service charge was maintained and the employee who maintained it.   More details about the Service change can be viewed on the Program Settings  and the Fees and Waivers screens.

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