Account Service Charge Configuration - Program Settings and Criteria

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Account Service Charge Programs


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This screen appears when you select "Add New" (F6) on the initial account service charge listing screen or when you select an existing transaction service charge and then Programs Settings and Criteria, View or Copy.

This screen is used to control when the fee is charged (daily, monthly or annually) and the selection parameters that determine which account type will incur the fee. Start by completing the fields at the top of the screen (described below).  If annually is selected (for example, to charge an IRA account a yearly handling fee), select whether to charge the fee on the anniversary month the account was opened (last day of the month) or the same date for all accounts.

Then add or modify the conditions.  (See below for more information.)

When you are finished, use Save/Done to advance to the Fee Waiver screen, or return to the original listing.

Modifying Existing Conditions

It is not possible to delete a condition from the middle of the list. Try changing the condition parameters, or mark the condition just prior to that with “End” to remove all conditions from that point down, then append new records to the end of the list.

Step for Using this Screen

Use the following steps to enter the desired conditions on this screen. (HINT: This is similar to the “Select Records” logic used by the CU*BASE Report Builder.)

  1. Select a field - This screen lists all of the commonly-used fields used for service charges. Select one of these fields and use Enter to proceed to the next screen.

  2. Specify conditions - This screen is used to specify the conditions for the selected field. Choose one comparison option (equal to, greater than, etc.) and enter the data value for the comparison.

  3. If there will be additional conditions for this service charge, choose either “And” or “Or” to set up the next condition:

  1. Press Enter to continue. If “And” or “Or” was selected, the field selection screen will reappear; repeat starting with step 1 until all conditions are entered. If “End” was selected, the Program Number screen will reappear.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Activate this service charge program

Leave this box unchecked to test the service charge before it is implemented. This can be used in conjunction with the Run Audit feature on the previous screen to test as program before it is activated.

This can also be unchecked to suspend a service charge without deleting it.  If this box is unchecked, it will not post a fee to a member's account.

Check this box to activate a service charge so it posts fees to member's accounts.  If this box is checked, it will post fees to member's accounts during the normal posting programs.

Generate notice when posting to member

Check this to generate a notice to be sent to the member when the fee is posted.  The notice text cannot be changed and the exact text is covered in back section of the Member Notices: Configuring and Printing CU-Defined Notices and e-Notices booklet. 

Program #


Program Title

Enter a title for this service charge program.


Choose either Monthly (M - EOM) or Daily (D-EOD) or Annually (A).

Choose either End-of-day to charge the fee every day the account is in place, or End-of-month, to charge the fee once a month on the last day of the month if the account is at an active status as of that date, or annually.  


If you select the Annual (A) option, select whether to charge the fee on the anniversary date the account was opened, or on the same date for all accounts (see field following).

Anniversary month or Same day for all accounts (MMDD)

(Required if Annual is selected for the Frequency).  Select whether to have the fee charges on the anniversary date (last day of the month) when the account was opened or on the same day of the month for all accounts.  

If Anniversary month is selected, the fee will be charged on the last day of the month the account was opened.

If the Same day for all accounts selection is used, enter the month and day when the fee will be charged.  All fees for this service charge will be charged on the same day of the year.


In this column, an “AND” designates a condition that modifies the condition just above it. An “OR” starts a new set of conditions.

Field Name

The field name in which the data string will be found in account and transaction records. 


The comparison option for this condition:

EQ Equal to

NE Not equal to

LT Less than

LE Less than or equal to

GT Greater than

GE Greater than or equal to


This indicates the type of field in the file (character, numeric or packed).

Compare Data

The data value that was entered for the comparison.

Field Description

The description of the field.




Back arrow (F3)

Use this to return to the previous screen without saving anything.

Save/Done (F5)

Use this to save changes made to this screen. These changes will be written to CUFMNT.

Up arrow (Cancel/F7)

Use this to return to the Home Page without saving.

Add Criteria (F9)

Use this to add additional criteria to the configuration.


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