Gender Indicator

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You will instantly be able to tell if this membership is an individual membership or an organizational account with the new graphical representations. Additionally, the gender of an individual account will be more obvious. These indicators are visible on all of Verify Member windows (Teller Funds In, Teller Advances and Checks/Money Orders, and Member Transfers) as well as the main Inquiry and Phone Operator screens.

The purple silhouette of a person’s head will appear for an individual membership (a girl for a female gender and a boy for a male gender), while three heads will indicate that the account is marked as an organizational membership. If the field for gender on the Membership Update screen contains an O, meaning unknown, a question mark will appear in the middle of a red silhouette.

Interested in Flooding Your “Unknown” Members with an Appropriate Gender?

Do you have many members whose gender is not identified in the MASTER file? Want to use analysis tools, such as the Relationship Analysis (Tool #752: Relationship Analysis), which use gender in their analysis? CU*Answers has developed the Gender Generator to effectively reduce the number of memberships without an appropriate gender associated with them with an estimated 75% accuracy rate or better!


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