Product Marketing Tips and Procedures: Overview

Your credit union is getting ready to train some new employees. Get out the manuals, policy memos, procedure announcements, and sit down for a series of training sessions. In the end, get ready for a lot of phone and personal contacts with each employee to cover those member questions that are sure to pop up:

“Hi, I would like to know about the advantages of your credit union's checking program.”

“What is the value of being a credit union member?”

“I am sold on your home equity program. How do we get started?”

Instead of having to shuffle through reams of paper to find answers, wouldn't it be nice for all credit union staff to be able to find out the answers right on their CU*BASE terminal?

With CU*BASE Marketing Tips and Procedures comments, your staff can communicate your management team's marketing messages with the use of a button. Designed to work interactively with key inquiry and member service sales screens, this information will lead your employees through these everyday issues. Cross-selling can be fun and effective when your employees have a leading script to get the conversation started. Take the time to get your management ideas down to the line through every CU*BASE workstation.

There are actually two different credit union-defined comment screens for every share, certificate and loan product your credit union offers:

Talking Points: A Library of Text at Your Fingertips!
To make it even easier to set up tips for your staff to use, while configuring your text you can copy paragraphs of text from the master Talking Points library. This library, which is shared across all clients who use CU*BASE, contains hundreds of small “sound bytes” you can mix and match to create your own tips and procedures.  Click here for more information on Talking Points.

Configuring Tips & Procedures Text

Viewing Procedures and Tips

When setting up share, certificate or loan accounts, CU*BASE provides easy access to your credit union's step by step procedures for working with each product, as well as credit union-defined marketing tips to help sell the product to the member.

Member Service and lending personnel can view tips and procedures:




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