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CU*BASE Report Builder (Query)

Report Cover Page


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Learn how to print Query results.

Screen Overview

This screen lets you choose whether a separate cover page will print before the actual report itself. This is helpful if you are printing the report to a busy shared printer and want to make sure the report is identified as belonging to you.

After this screen is completed, use Enter to continue to the next screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Print cover page

Choose Yes if you wish a separate cover page to print before the first page of the report. The cover page will contain:

·     Any text you type in the Cover page title field.

·     The date and time the report was printed.

·     The report name and location (library).

·     The names of the files used in the report.

Cover page title

If you are printing a cover page, use these lines to enter a title which will print on the cover page of the report.

·     HINT: This is good place to enter your name or other notes to identify that this report belongs to you.

This field allows you to enter any comments for your staff that you would like to have associated with this insurance offering.

Special instructions on entering text in the Cover page title text box.

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