Exiting/Saving a Custom Report

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CU*BASE Report Builder (Query)

Exit this Query


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This screen will appear if you use the backup arrow (F3) from any Report Builder screen.

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Screen Overview

This screen is used to exit the report definition. You may choose whether or not to save your changes or run the report at this time. If you choose to save, you may also assign security to it to prevent it from accidentally being altered or deleted by another user.

The only way to get out of a report definition without running it is to choose option 3 = Do not run in the Run option field. You may also choose No in the Save changes field to leave the report without saving anything. These settings are helpful if you get into a report and simply wish to get back out without making any changes.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Save definition

Choose Yes to save all changes made to this report configuration. Choose No if you wish to exit without saving anything.

Run option

Choose one of the following options:

  • Run Interactively (1) - This option will run a custom report interactively. Use this for reports that are set up to output to the screen (display) or a database file. This method is not generally recommended for printed reports.

  • Run In Batch (2) - This option will run the report using batch processing, which reduces the resource drain on the system. This is the recommended method for running a custom report that is set up to output to a printer.

  • Do Not Run (3) - This option will exit without running the report. This is helpful if you made changes to the report configuration but do not need to actually run it at this time.

Report name

If saving, use this field to enter the report name. This name was chosen when the report was originally created, but a different name may be used at this time if desired.


If savings, use this field to enter the location where the report configuration should be stored. This should be QUERYxx, with your 2-character credit union ID in place of the xx.


Enter any descriptive text to help you locate this configuration later. This text will appear any time custom report names are listed.


This field controls what access others will have to this report configuration.

For credit union staff, we recommend that you choose *ALL (do not use the default *LIBCRTAUT setting). Using *ALL authority allows others at your credit union as well as CU*BASE Client Service Representatives to be able to use, modify, delete, and run this custom report.

  • CU*BASE Client Service Representatives should choose *ALL if a credit union should also be allowed to access the report definition.

  • Other choices are not recommended for CU*BASE custom reports. Click here for a more detailed description of the available options.

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